I started this monthly goals series just last month and I’m loving it! Read on to find out what all my July goals are.  Did you know that you can increase your chance of hitting your goals by 42% simply by writing them down?  So far so good…

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Pinch Punch, it’s the 1st of … July?!

We’re halfway through 2020 and I think it’s safe to say it’s not been the most conventional year.  Many of us have lost loved ones and there is such a strong sense of systemic instability.

We may not be able to single-handedly create a vaccine in the next few weeks, or reverse the economic slide.  However, we have more power than we realise to change our own environment.  Setting ourselves goals, no matter how large or small, can shift our mind towards a space where we can feel a little more in control of our lives again.  Whether it’s DIY or journaling, we can take action to improve our external and internal worlds.

Book recommendations to improve your life

One of my favourite ways to soothe my inner world at the moment is to read. I’m making my way through so many books at the moment.  Here’s a few of the reads I haven’t been able to put down over the last week or two:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach is perhaps the most incredible spiritual and life-changing book I have ever read … and its about a seagull.

Deep Work by Cal Newport is a title recommended to me for years, and now I know why.  You need this if you seriously want to improve your focus and productivity.

Untamed is true to all of Glennon Doyle’s unashamedly vulnerable and honest writing.  Read this if you are a chronic people pleaser or want to live a life on your terms.

1. Meditation

Despite my yoga practice being fully embedded in my daily life, my seated meditation practice has been a little more intermittent than I would like.  Lockdown has definitely shown me how life-changing it is to spend 30+ minutes in a deep state of meditation.

One of the best parts of lockdown has been sitting in my garden outside in meditation in the early morning.  It’s beautiful to be able to sense the presence of the birds all around me while resting my full attention on my breath.  The morning is such a potent time of day to practice meditation.  Your thoughts are quieter and there are fewer distractions to clutter your mind with.  I definitely always feel calmer and more resilient for the whole day; like nothing can phase or distract me.

Of course, here in Scotland we are not guaranteed blue skies and sunshine every morning.  In fact, I am writing this while giving evils to the heavy rain outside (I mean, come on – it’s July!).   It’s therefore helpful to have a backup plan for locations and times, eg:

“If I haven’t slept well and don’t meditate first thing in the morning, I will practice at midday.

“If it’s cold and raining/really windy outside then I will meditate inside on my mat.”

2. 10k Steps a Day

I love walking, but I just haven’t made time for it over the last few years (spotting an apparent theme here!).  I’m ashamed to say it took me about 4 whole years to realise I could easily out-walk the bus to the West End.  Getting some fresh air and a few extra minutes is definitely a win-win!

Walking gives me space to think clearly, and our walks and talks are such a treasured part of my romantic relationship.  I have fond memories of us walking for hours while talking about our plans when I was doing my Masters a decade ago.

Lately, we’ve been trying to get out for an hours stroll every day during lockdown.  We’re not doing badly with perhaps an 80% success rate (Scottish weather theme here too!).  I’m now really eager to up my walking game now to 10k steps a day as my second July goal. I have a beautiful smart watch in my Amazon shopping cart so I’m ready to go!  Technology is obviously not a requirement to be able to walk(!), but I would love to know what my approximate steps are every day.

3. Give the Studio Some Love

I am still in the process of painting the studio stairway, a task which we somehow didn’t have chance to do earlier.  You’ll hopefully forgive us as we had just 2 weeks between getting keys and opening for classes.  We have beautiful new lighting to fit there too, so I’m excited to get that done! It’s amazing to be back in the studio every now and again.  It has such a magical atmosphere and I can’t wait to back teaching there again.

I was hoping that we would be opening next week.  However, I recognise and fully agree with the benefit of rolling out Phase 3 slowly.  We are now awaiting further updates from the Scottish Government. Hopefully we will hear something with regards to gyms and studios re-opening by the end of July.  Keep your fingers crossed guys!

I’ll be adding some additional spaces for yoga students and coaching clients when we reopen.  Zoom sessions will be offered indefinitely.  Feel free to get in touch now if you would like to have a chat and find out more.

What are your July goals? Don’t forget to increase your odds by 42% by writing your goals down 😉


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