Teaching Studio Yoga Classes in Edinburgh

We reopened our Edinburgh yoga studio for in-person private yoga classes on Monday (26th)! After months of teaching on Zoom it’s been amazing – and slightly surreal – to see so many of you in 3D again.  A lot of people that we teach are continuing with online yoga classes.  This is generally out of convenience or necessity; several people have moved abroad, and others don’t currently commute to Edinburgh now they work from home.  Regardless, we will continue to offer online private yoga classes indefinitely as a studio.

I personally like teaching online yoga classes as well as in person classes! Online classes aren’t the same as in-person private yoga classes, but I find there’s pros and cons to each.  I wanted to share my thoughts about both types of yoga class – and to offer some advice to making the most out of each.  Let’s start with studio private yoga classes.

The Studio Private Yoga Class Experience

It’s often very powerful to physically be in a yoga studio for private yoga classes, simply because of the calming energy of a dedicated yoga space.  Simply being in a space dedicated to yoga – with no housework, kids, or clutter to distract you – can really help you get fully present on your yoga mat.  Although the space may sound like a minor factor when deciding what kind of class to choose, there’s a lot to be said for being in a different environment.  After a year of being very accustomed to the same 4 walls, it can be huge energetic shift to be in a different safe space.  A lot of my clients mentioned how emotional they were to be back in the studio after the first lockdown.  Another thing I’ve heard is how the journey home – whether by foot, public transport, or car – is a really helpful transition from yoga to ‘real life’, rather than switching off your laptop and back to your work or chores.

I love teaching in person because I can see all angles of your yoga mat! This is so helpful from an alignment perspective. Due to social distancing, we are not giving hands-on assists, but all our teachers are highly experienced in teaching mainly with verbal cues anyway. Both of our large studios are as safe as possible, with plenty of ventilation and rigorous cleaning schedules.  All teachers wear face masks during class, as well as social distancing at all times.

The Convenience of Online Private Yoga Classes

I teach from a very intuitive standpoint. I was therefore very surprised at how perceptive I was able to be though Zoom.  As much as I love recording yoga classes for YouTube, teaching live yoga online was something I never thought I would enjoy.  I’m so glad I was wrong! Holding space for others online has been a true honour, especially during these tumultuous times.

My only two issues with online classes are camera angles and how Zoom cuts out the sound of people breathing.  That said, limited space in many people’s homes – along with awkward camera angles and few props – has taught me so much.  I barely demonstrate in class at all, so that I can be fully present for each client.  And don’t get me started on how resourceful we’ve all had to be for props! My proudest lockdown achievement is figuring out whether someone is inhaling or exhaling … when I can only see their knees.

Bugbears aside, a lot of our yogis are continuing with online classes because it works fantastically for them.  Not having to commute or travel to a studio suits lots of people, and it’s really helped a lot of our clients to fit yoga in around their work schedule.  I would recommend investing in a yoga mat and 2 blocks at minimum to really make the most of online yoga classes.  Brownie points if you can purchase a bolster! To support you even more, we will be opening an online shop for the studio very soon.

I know that online private yoga classes are a very different experience from online group classes.  I’ve been so grateful to provide support for everyone in this way, and I’m so glad to be back in the studio and seeing you all again!

Psst – our studio is open! We are so over the moon to welcome back our existing clients and meet so many new yogis.  If you are interested in private yoga classes – online or at our Edinburgh yoga studio – then check out our offerings.

I would love to hear from you! Have you taken (or taught!) online yoga classes during lockdown – with our studio or elsewhere? Let me know in the comment below!

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