Sometimes we practice Vinyasa flow yoga to feel rejuvenated and energised.

Other times we relax with restorative or Yin to feel calm and grounded.

But what do we do if we have excess stress or anxious energy and can’t face the thought of holding poses for a long time?



All Levels Online Yoga Class

Have you ever tried to do restorative or Yin yoga but find your busy mind won’t let you relax?

I absolutely adore restorative yoga, but I find it hard to relax into it if I’m feeling ‘tired but wired’.  Practicing a gentle feel-good flow can turn that all around.

I teach with a focus on getting my students out of their mind and into their body.  Sometimes that involves stillness, but it often actually involves movement.  Yoga is a fantastic way to feel connected to your body and your breath It’s a feel-good movement practice, and a form of moving meditation.

I practice and teach yoga with the intention of creating energy AND calm, at the same time. One of my biggest teaching themes this year was to co-create a sense of grounding and light. This online yoga class will help you cultivate just that.

Personalised Yoga Classes

I specialise in teaching private yoga classes in person here in Edinburgh, or online via Zoom. I offer 1:1 yoga courses for beginners and intermediate/advanced yogis.  If you’re looking for a personalised yoga program to help you with your yoga practice, you can find out more below.

Take some time to practice this class – and let me know how you feel afterwards in the comments below! If you want to see more then head over to my YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up or hit subscribe. I love to hear from you guys.

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