Reopening The Yoga Transformative studio

Our commitment to keeping everyone safe

This may not be the most exciting blog post you’ll ever read, but nonetheless it’s an important article. We are committed to the safety of everyone who steps into our studio. Our ridiculously high levels of excitement around reopening our yoga studio are mirrored in intensity by how much we want to keep everyone safe. We liaised with a health and safety company back in July 2020 to create a thorough risk assessment of our studio with respect to Covid-19. This risk assessment has been reviewed many times since then and we will continue to review it for as long as necessary.

This blog post is a guide to our measures in minimising Covid-19 exposure and transmission at our yoga studio. As exciting as it is for shops, cafes, bars and yoga studios to reopen again, we completely understand that most of us feel a degree of trepidation around going back to ‘normality’. We’re putting all the measures in place to ensure our private yoga classes are the safest way to learn yoga. These will all be in place before reopening The Yoga Transformative studio. Hopefully this post will put your mind at ease about attending our Edinburgh yoga studio for private yoga classes!

Our Yoga Studio Covid-19 Prevention Measures

Our studio cleaner is onsite 3 times a week to deep clean the whole premises (yep, all 2 storeys. She’s pretty awesome!). In addition to that, everything is disinfected after every class; the floor, any props used, door handles, toilet flushes and light switches etc. We honour social distancing, so there will be no hands-on adjustments. Teachers wear face masks while in the studio and while teaching. It is up to you whether you want to wear a mask during your yoga practice, although we ask that you wear one while in communal areas here. We appreciate that it can be challenging to move and breathe deeply with a face mask on, and windows are kept open during classes to make sure the studios are well-ventilated. There is always at least 30 minutes in between each class so that we can disinfect and ventilate the studio space.

We ask that you complete a Covid questionnaire before each class. I know it’s a pain, but it gives us all so much reassurance about minimising risk for everyone in the studio. This includes you, every other person who attends private yoga classes, and also all the teachers and practitioners at the studio. No matter how much of an early bird you may be, we’d prefer you to arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class. This is enough time to come in, be greeted by your teacher, wash your hands and head to either Evolve or Insight Studio.

Thank you so much for your understanding and for valuing the safety of our studio and everyone in it. We cannot wait to see you soon. Hopefully these measures will not have to be in place for too much longer, but we will uphold these standards for as long as is needed.

We’ll be opening bookings for private yoga classes in the few days! Click below if you’d like to learn more about our offerings or to enquire about private yoga classes in our Edinburgh studio.

Thanks to everyone who is, like us, counting down the days before the studio re-opens! How do you feel about studio private yoga classes? Get in touch if you have any questions at all.

So much love

The TYT Team

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