The Yoga Transformative is Transforming!

As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, The Yoga Transformative is going through some major transformation of its own! I’m sharing some of these exciting changes with you guys right now, with more juicy information to be announced over the next few weeks.

Edinburgh’s Private Yoga Studio

My passion has always been teaching private yoga classes.  I am a strong believer in the potency and depth of this work, and I love getting to know my clients so I can support them even more.

I’ve personally studied 1:1 with yoga teachers for 7 years – and I’ve taught in this way since 2016. I recognise the HUGE impact that this style of teaching has.  As an advocate of how transformative private yoga classes are, I want to create a movement to shift how yoga is taught.

You can therefore imagine how big the grin on my face is right now as I announce the launch of The Yoga Transformative as Edinburgh’s first private yoga studio.  I say Edinburgh but I actually think it might be the first private yoga studios in the world! With that in mind, we’ll also be offering online private yoga classes indefinitely, so we can teach you from wherever you are in the world.

I can’t wait to share more information about this.  There will be many more website updates over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

We’re expanding

As I wrote last week, my plan has always been to create this transformative movement, but I never intended to do this alone.  I’m so psyched to say that 4 additional yoga teachers are joining The Yoga Transformative team!

These teachers are incredible – everyone is so passionate about teaching yoga.  We each have our unique strengths and specialities in our teachings, meaning that we all bring something unique to the studio.  I cannot wait to introduce you to these incredible yogis in more detail over the next few weeks and to share more about what lights each of them up.

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I hope you are having a wonderful week, from wherever you are in the world.

With love


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