Transform Your Mind,
Transform Your Life

Imagine what it would be like to …

  • Finally feel connected to and calm in your own body.

  • Feel confident in your ability to make the right choices and do the right things (no more second guessing yourself!)
  • Have an incredible self-care practice that truly supports your best life… one that allows you to move your body in a way that feels good (no more memberships or videos required).
  • Take aligned action towards your goals, knowing you can trust your intuition and inner wisdom to guide you.
  • Hand-on-heart honestly say that you have a great relationship with your body and mind.

 … But right now that sounds like a distant dream.

You know you need more from your life – especially after the past few years – but you don’t know what it is you need, let alone how to do anything about it. You’re looking for more meaning in your life, and there’s something about spirituality that draws you in (without wanting to go too woo-woo).

You long to create a better relationship with yourself and feel good in your body, but right now you feel like you’re disconnected from everything that makes you “you”. You may feel like you have no willpower, or as though it’s hard for you to trust yourself to make the right choices for your body or your life. But you know your life would transform for the better if you could just create more confidence and trust in your inner wisdom.

You aren’t willing to put your dreams or goals on the sidelines anymore, but you don’t know where to start.  Maybe you’ve just gotten so deep in this negative spiral of convincing yourself of how you can change, that it now seems like an epic battle. You feel like you have to transform everything at once.

The truth is, you can create an intentional life that fills you up.

You just need the right support to get inspired again.

An immersive one-on-one life coaching experience, Transform will help you connect to your intuition and regain your self-worth so that you can make better decisions for your body, health and life… without feeling the need to second guess yourself or seek outside validation.

What you can expect to learn …

  • The exact steps to create a lifestyle that’s in alignment with your needs and goals.
  • The key to feeling more confident in yourself and how to take more intentional action towards your goals.
  • How to improve your relationship with your body through body-image, intuitive eating, and intuitive living work.
  • The tools to prioritize your self-care and how to create your own personal practice that nourishes your mind and body.
  • How to navigate through life with a greater sense of calm and confidence and far less stress.

You know it’s time for you to finally…

  • Have a better relationship with your mind and your body
  • Become the strong and empowered person you’ve always known you could be
  • Have a fulfilling and meaningful life with more fun and focus
  • Feel confident in yourself, and live in alignment with your true self and your intuition
  • Experience more joy and purpose by making step changes in your life and achieving your goals
  • Create the life you’ve always dreamed of – on your terms

Meet Tali …

Transforming my mindset was – and continues to be – the main catalyst for changing my life.  I learnt how to trust my intuition and take those big action steps towards living my purpose.

Today, as a life coach, yoga teacher and spiritual mentor, my purpose is helping others transform their lives.  I’m an expert in reinvention and personal growth, and I’ve fine-tuned my ability to facilitate transformation.

Transform is the amalgamation of the most transformative life coaching topics I have worked through with clients over the last 6 years. Through this life-changing work and my expert guidance, this incredible program contains everything you need to upgrade your mindset, wellbeing and life.



Transform’s life coaching themes will change your life from the inside out.  I’ll show you how to create internal transformation to help you take big action steps in life.  You’ll learn how to be able to independently implement these changes to create the long-lasting transformation you desire.

[accordion_father icon=”fa fa-chevron-down” activeicon=”fa fa-chevron-up”][accordion_son title_padding=”16″ size=”24″ title=”Mind” clr=”#e68667″ borderclr2=”#fce5dd” bgclr=”#f5f5f5″]Ever tried to start something new, only to realise that your old unhelpful beliefs are standing in the way? Nothing changes on the outside without transforming what’s holding us back inside too.

Ready to …

  • Create healthy and positive belief systems
  • Replace your old limiting stories and unhelpful mental blocks
  • Learn what support your mind needs to take consistent action
  • Balance your inner dreamer with your ability to achieve your goals

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title_padding=”16″ size=”24″ title=”Body” clr=”#a6697a” borderclr2=”#fce5dd” bgclr=”#f5f5f5″]Imagine how empowered and confident you will feel by creating a more positive relationship with your body!  I’ll teach you how to reconnect to your physical body and its cues – and find freedom from toxic diet culture.

Are you ready to …

  • Develop a more positive relationship with your body
  • Start an intuitive eating practice and leave diet culture behind
  • Learn how to tune in and provide the support your body needs
  • Create better health on your terms so you can feel your best

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title_padding=”16″ size=”24″ title=”Spirit” clr=”#e68667″ borderclr2=”#fce5dd” bgclr=”#f5f5f5″]As a recovering-scientist-turned-spiritual-mentor, I love blending the physical world with the unseen.  I’ll teach you how to trust your inner wisdom and apply spiritual tools to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to …

  • Understand and utilise concepts like vibrations, energy and manifestation
  • Reconnect with your true self and your intuition
  • Create a life that feels in alignment with you and your needs
  • Become more present and mindful

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title_padding=”16″ size=”24″ title=”Self” clr=”#a6697a” borderclr2=”#fce5dd” bgclr=”#f5f5f5″]Life is about creating a balance between challenge and support.  Taking time out to rest and recharge is non-negotiable.  In Transform you’ll learn a comprehensive toolkit of different self-care practices that really work for you.

Are you ready to …

  • Learn how to prioritise and communicate your needs
  • Create a nourishing self-care practice that you’ll never want to miss
  • Eat, move and rest intuitively
  • Establish a supportive environment that helps your progress
  • Raise the vibes of your relationships

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title_padding=”16″ size=”24″ title=”Move*” clr=”#e68667″ borderclr2=”#fce5dd” bgclr=”#f5f5f5″]Turn your mat into your training ground! Your internal barriers and beliefs show up in your body and how you move.  I’ll show you how to create change inside and out through intelligently-designed movement practices (*Transform Deep Dive option only).

Are you ready to …

  • Discover how to create instant transformation by changing your physiology
  • Learn how to intuitively move and practice yoga
  • Support your needs through your practice and movement
  • Build strength and flexibility, and feel confident in your body


Here’s What You’ll Get …

  • 6x Fortnightly Life Coaching sessions where you gain one-on-one access to my expert guidance and support.
  • 3x Embodiment Lab sessions* 1-1 yoga, meditation and movement practices to move, create change and embody the work we uncover in coaching sessions (*Transform Deep Dive option only).
  • Unlimited Support between sessions where you can get support, celebrate your wins and receive accountability.
  • Homeplay and Resources to support you throughout your own transformation and keep you on the path to success.
  • 1x BONUS Life Coaching Session one month after wrapping up, to check in, re-align if needed – and celebrate your progress!

Transform is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready, willing, and able to do the work to move forwards, uncover your purpose, and elevate your life.
  • You know you have massive potential, your inner voice is saying, “it’s time for a change,” and you’re ready to go for it.
  • You believe in and are ready to invest in yourself.

Transform may not be right for you if:

  • You’re not willing to put in the work and tend to blame others when things don’t go right for you.
  • You’re too busy to prioritise yourself
  • You’re looking for a quick fix
  • You’re afraid of, or don’t believe in, investing in yourself.



Sign up to Transform to up-level your mindset, radicalise your self care rituals and realign your trajectory. I will provide the high-touch and high-impact support you need to dramatically change your life.


£ 997

In Full
  • 6x 1:1 coaching sessions (60-75min | Edinburgh / Zoom)
  • 1x bonus follow-up coaching call a month after completion
  • Unlimited support in between sessions
  • Helpful resources to support, motivate and keep you moving in the right direction
  • Payment plan 1 | £250/mo for 4 months
  • Payment plan 2 | £170/mo for 6 months


£ 1299

In Full
  • 6x 1:1 coaching sessions (60-75min | Edinburgh / Zoom)
  • 3x 1:1 embodiment lab sessions (yoga, meditation and breath practices)
  • 1x bonus 1:1 follow-up coaching call a month after completion
  • Unlimited support in between sessions
  • Helpful resources to support, motivate and keep you moving in the right direction
  • Payment plan 1 | £330/mo for 4 months
  • Payment plan 2 | £220/mo for 6 months
  • 15% off all group offerings for the next 12 months


She guided me ever so kindly and full of positivity in every step, tiny or enormous, that I decided to take. She helped me change the voice in my head and the connection I have with my body. I can't ever thank her enough for everything she has done for me …

Lucia S

Tali has become my positive inner voice. It's just nice to feel my inner monologue change from being so self-critical and sometimes self-harmful to as warm and lovely as Tali is. Tali is incredibly warm and brings many positive ideas and thoughts and suggestions into the coaching. Overall Tali has been so helpful and positive.

Anna T

Tali has become part of my life. While I am old enough to be her mum, we have reversed roles, and Tali has become the parent, guiding me the child, kicking and screaming through life’s ups and downs. With the love from her heart and her caring patience, I am learning to become comfortable with how I am put together, and therefore less judgemental of, and kinder to, myself (and others!).

While I want Tali to be my best kept secret, I also want her to be able to bring joy and peace to many more, so I can’t keep her all to myself, and have to tell everyone to make her a part of their lives too.

Kay B

I had absolutely no idea what to expect but decided to give it a go and have grown in ways I never expected. These sessions have really helped me get honest with myself and make some huge internal changes.

Guy P

Tali introduced me to intuitive eating and yoga and taking care of myself and it has changed my life. She is kind and clever and compassionate and has held my hand every step of the way.
If you are … ready to live a full, happy, authentic life where you can eat anything you want whenever you want and love yourself and basically be happy forever then you need Tali in your life.

Charlotte B


Life coaching is an investment for both parties.  Therefore, once we have started our work together, there are no refunds.  There is no guaranteed results in a coaching or mentoring relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work.  If you are not completely satisfied with your investment and are on a payment plan, you may request an early exit on future payments. (It is rare, but if I as a coach and you as a client are not well-matched, it can sometimes be best for both parties to go their separate ways.)

Finally, a great deal of energy, time, thought and heart goes into preparing for and being present for our sessions together.  If you’re late for your appointment, you lose that time.  If you cancel within 24 hours of our scheduled appointment or don’t show up, you’ll still be charged in full.  In turn, I promise to honour our appointments and be on time as well.


To help you decide if Transform is right for you, I invite you to schedule a FREE 30-minute introductory call with me.

In this call we will discuss your current lifestyle – and the life you long for. Together we’ll explore the internal and external changes to allow you to achieve your goals, and whether my coaching program is a good fit for you.