I have so much excitement and news to share about my new offerings for 2019.  I can’t wait to officially start this work (seriously, why isn’t it 2019 yet?).  I’ve had a vision in my mind for over a year now about a service called UNITE, and I’m so happy to have seen this all the way from vision to launch.  I am starting 2019 with 2 UNITE offerings which will both be local to Edinburgh; UNITE: Live (a group coaching course in Edinburgh) and UNITE: Community (mostly workshops).  These services are affordable and inclusive, as I wanted to help the community in the most accessible way possible.

Places are going pretty fast, so let me tell you a little bit about them so you get a chance to get a space too.

I’ll be dividing this into two blog posts, and this first one is all about UNITE: Live – a 10 week group coaching course in Edinburgh.  You can find the second blog post about UNITE: COMMUNITY here.

UNITE: LIVE – 10 week Group Coaching Course in Edinburgh

UNITE: Live is a group coaching course for women.  It’s going to be an intensive 10 week group health coaching program in Edinburgh, where we will meet for an hour a week on a Wednesday evening 7-8pm.  The program is scheduled to run 9th January – 13th March 2019.

I’m keeping the group small (around 10 women) to build a supportive and intimate community, so you guys will be able to connect lots and get to know each other so well. We will all be supporting and cheering you on, and also keeping you accountable to your goals.

Themes for UNITE: Live

UNITE: Live is full of the key aspects of life that the majority of my clients want/need to work on.  You are not alone if you are struggling to keep all of the different elements of your life together.  It’s such a shame that “busy” is now equated to “successful”! I feel like it’s sadly become the new normal to feel like you are spinning too many plates and you are about to drop one (or all!).

That’s not to say the UNITE: Live group coaching program is going to be all about slowing down or sacrificing some parts of your life.  Hell no!  Instead, it’s all about balancing out all the parts of your life, so that you can live fully, happily and purposefully.

The key themes for the course are:

  • Listening to your intuition – and learning to trust it
  • What do you want to achieve – what lights you up? Identifying your personal goals and then progressing towards them
  • Getting present – tuning out of your mind and into your body
  • It’s not WHAT you’re eating, it’s WHY you’re eating it – emotional eating 
  • Self care versus self love – aka deepening and filling your well)
  • Significance of good mental health and positive thinking
  • Creating a helpful morning / evening routine that doesn’t take all day!
  • Intuitive eating vs diet mentality – teaching you to free yourself of fear around food
  • Balance – work/life, stress reduction.  You will learn how to effortlessly balance all those spinning plates; from spirituality to finances, career to relationships, movement and happiness
  • Positive body image and BOPO (body positivity)
  • Empowering yourself – learning how to make yourself your greatest teacher


It is definitely not going to be the kind of course where you check in once a week and struggle alone or forget the rest of the time.   In between sessions, support will be available; both in a private Facebook group and personal emails from me (just reach out!).

I will also be setting weekly assignments, and giving out lots of resources, so that you always feel like you have plenty of helpful tasks and themes to work on that will be relevant to you and your journey.

Your host 😉

Hey there, it’s me (Tali)! I am a qualified health coach and yoga teacher.  I work with clients from all walks of life, and my passion is helping women to trust themselves again.  We will have plenty of opportunity to integrate yoga and meditation in to these sessions (and resources), and lots of group coaching to get you out of your uncomfortable comfort zone and into the life you’ve always dreamed of.


More info/book: this link
Course dates: January 9th – March 13th 2019
Time: Wednesdays 7-8pm
Location: OMH Therapies, 1a Randolph Crescent EH3 7TH
Investment: £270 (payment plans available, just get in touch)

Want to chat about this?

Of course! I wouldn’t expect anything else.  I am offering free 15 minute consultations, either in person or online (Zoom).  This will be your chance to chat about your goals and find out more about UNITE: Live.  You can book in yourself in here, or drop me an email if you prefer.

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