The art of how to step forwards from downward facing dog can be a challenge for most of us! I’m sure we’ve all used momentum to mindlessly swing our foot in between our hands on at least one occasion ?

That said, the sooner we can find control through this movement, the more stability, balance and strength we will be able to access.  The strength we will work on in this video is so important for finding control in more advanced transitions too.

In this video I offer THREE variations of transitions to step forwards. These options are progressive, with the first being perfect for beginners and the last being suitable for those who can step forwards but want to find more control in this movement.  In my opinion, however, we can ALL learn from these three transitions ? Every one of my private clients, and those who attend my group classes, will probably be familiar with these transitions, because I think they are all so important!

How to Step Forwards from Downward Dog

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