I’m beyond thrilled to be repeating my Create A Home Yoga Practice workshop offering this Spring! The workshop will be split across 2 Saturdays – 26th May and 2nd June 2018, at 12:30-3pm.  You can find out more information about these workshops as well as book online here!

I also have an Early Bird offer open until 27th April: both workshops for just £40 (full price is £48).

If you already know you can only make one date, use code CHYP1xEB to purchase 1 workshop for £24.

For me, and so many other yogis, having a home practice changed everything.  I no longer had to rely on someone else to tell me what to do.  Instead, I could create my own yoga sequences on the spot, based on how I felt at the time.   My energy levels, mood and physical wellbeing fluctuate day-to-day just like everyone else.  It became so empowering to be able to listen to my body and mind and adjust my yoga practice in a way that suited me.  I was able to focus on the poses that I wanted to work on, with as much time as I wanted to take.  My yoga (and meditation) practice became far more individualised for my specific needs, and I was able to deepen my practice and knowledge at a more rapid rate.

It is therefore a true pleasure to be able to pass on all the knowledge I have gained over the years from my personal practice through this workshop series.  I will give you all the tools you need to create your own yoga practice, and support you as you start your own personal yoga journey.

I absolutely loved the previous instalment back in Autumn of last year! Some elements of the workshop series have changed.  However, the content will remain largely the same.  Previously I ran the workshop as a 3 part series but so many interested people said they could only make 1-2 of the 3 dates.  So I’ve decided to make this one a little more compact.  The workshops are therefore 2.5 hours each instead of 2.  This means we can have even more opportunities for conversation as well as yoga practice.

I know that signing up for a workshop can sometimes feel really intimidating initially, especially if you are attending on your own.  But do not worry!  Back in the Autumn, we created a close-knit community of students who really learned so much from each other, as well as from the content I had created.  Every student of course had their own aims and goals that they wanted to achieve from the workshop series.  Everyone was really supportive of each other, which created a really inclusive environment.

(The support doesn’t end on 2nd June at 3pm either if you don’t want it to – I also hold space every 6 weeks for people interested in their home practice.  This consists of an hour long yoga class, followed by the opportunity to talk over coffee and ask me and the group questions related to your home yoga practice!  Here is where you can find out more information on this offering).

IF you have any questions at all about this workshop series please do get in touch.  Spaces are limited to keep the group small.   You can find out more information on the workshops and book online here.  I look forward to seeing you on the mat!


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