Change Happens In An Instant. Don’t Waste Another Moment.

“Here’s what’s really true. Change happens in a moment. The moment you say ‘it’s over’, the moment you say ‘I love you’, the moment you say ‘I do’, the moment you say ‘let’s begin.’ And when you say that, but you actually act on it. All change happens in a moment.”

Tony Robbins

Change Happens In An Instant

I’ve always had the dream to make something bigger than myself.  I longed for a studio that was filled with more teachers than just me.  A studio that could serve more and more people in the community – and the world – than one person ever could.  I wanted to kickstart a movement that would create a tangible shift in how modern yoga is taught and received.  And I wanted this movement to impact and inspire people all around the world.

Like most of us do with lofty goals, I put this right to the back of my ‘5 year plan’.  Big dreams can always wait, right?

And then I opened a yoga studio (another big dream), 7 weeks before a pandemic forced us to close.  This taught me many things! Patience is definitely up there as the hardest lesson, but I also learned how to be flexible, adaptable, and how to pivot like the best of them.

These past 12 months have taught me something even bigger than all of that.  In a year that has felt like an amalgamation of 100 ground hog days, I’ve learned something that is transforming every aspect of my life.

Life is uncertain, the world is ever-changing.

Carpe freaking diem every damn day.

Why Wait?

Over the next couple of weeks, you’re going to hear a lot more about how The Yoga Transformative is evolving and expanding.

First, I wanted to write something a little more personal.

I feel so in alignment with all of this expansion.  It feels so exciting, and also so so right.  As you know, I live according to my intuition anyway, but only a few things have ever been such a full-body HELL YES before like this is now.

Yet if I hadn’t seized the day and decided that waiting was for losers, this wouldn’t be happening.  It would still feel like a lofty distant dream that I couldn’t possibly be ready for. Nothing would change, and I wouldn’t know how much this was needed right now.

Close The Loop.  Start Now.

I guess the purpose of writing this was simply to say: don’t settle for some vague “someday” fantasy.  Dreams are just dreams until we close the loop, make the decision and take action.

Without that decision and the subsequent step in that direction, there is no way to ever know if you’re ready, or the world is ready, or if it’s the right move.

Trust me, you already have the power to transform yourself, and to begin making that positive impact on the world you were destined to make.  One word of advice – don’t put it off any more.  Change happens in an instant.  When are you going to make that call?

I know that 10+ years ago, before I started taking life-changing action, I didn’t think I was capable of changing anything. I was miserable, mentally ill, defeated, and a self-appointed victim of my misfortune. If this is where you are at right now, it gets better. Trust me. It gets so much better. Better than you could ever imagine.  But the decision has to come from you. Nobody else can help you improve your life if you are not prepared to take action. And you can take action.

Do it like nothing else matters. Be relentless in your pursuit of transformation. Because nothing else matters as much as you do right now.

Let me know on the comments below how that lands for you, or hit me up on social (@thetalitransformative) if this resonates.  If theres’ someone in your life who needs to hear this message, share this post with them right now.

So much excitement and more updates to come.


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