How to feel confident after lockdown

Feeling anxious about coming out of lockdown?

Many people are raring to get back to living at 100mph, but plenty of others are unsure how to feel confident after lockdown. You may also be feeling all the feels, like you’re in both camps at the same time! To make it clear – it is ok if you feel anxious about coming out of lockdown. It’s completely ok to feel nervousness about your health, or to experience trepidation about going back to a busy schedule. Almost everyone I know feels this way – myself included! Just remember to give yourself permission to feel this, while reminding yourself these feelings will are not permanent.

I like to look at this transition as an opportunity. It’s helpful to make choices about the elements we are able to control. For example, if you’re not able to work remotely long-term then you have a choice: either look for a new job or support yourself to feel more confident in your current workplace. I know that I feel my strongest (physically and mentally!) when I practice yoga. Yoga increases my mental resilience to stress and builds so much trust in my body. It changes my perspective, getting me out of my head and into my body. As a result, I feel calmer and more confident – and able to make better choices for myself.

How to support yourself and feel confident after lockdown

There are so many ways to support yourself as we emerge from lockdown. For me, the most important components are being creative, moving my body and having quiet time. Creativity doesn’t have to mean becoming the next Van Gogh! You don’t have to pick up a paintbrush or share anything you create if you don’t want to. My favourite ways to be creative are free-writing, textiles (macrame lover for life), decorating my home (mostly with macrame hahaha) and listening to music. Moving my body helps me feel so much stronger. I spend at least 30 minutes a day moving enough to get a sweat on. This reduces any anxiety, improves my focus and definitely makes me feel confident – mentally and physically. Finally, quiet time gives me space to reflect on my day, gather my thoughts, and feel calmer. Most days I even achieve all 3 of these self-care elements by simply being on my yoga mat!

Here’s some more ideas on how to feel confident after lockdown:

  • Talking with friends or family members
  • Working with a therapist or coach; it can be so helpful to speak to someone who can give you unbiased and professional support/advice
  • Painting abstract or watercolour art – this dreamy tutorial  is next on our to-try list!
  • Learn to sew, weave or embroider – textile art is such a fun way of getting creative
  • Decorate your home or upcycle furniture – there are so many easy hacks online to make even IKEA furniture look super-expensive and bespoke
  • Learn to sing or play an instrument – I use the Yousician app to stop my vocal cords shattering glassware 😉
  • Dance to your favourite playlist – feel free to close your curtains if that helps you feel more comfortable
  • Start taking 1:1 yoga classes so you can confidently learn yoga in a safe environment. We offer private yoga classes in our Edinburgh studio and also online!
  • Learn push-ups/pull-ups/squats/handstands with proper form so you feel like a badass
  • Get into nature every day – hit up your garden or a local park if you can’t get further afield. Walk, run or cycle.
  • Turn off your TV, laptop, phone and music for at least 30 minutes a day. More if you can. Enjoy the quiet and get some space away from consuming all the information and noise.
  • Avoid the news. Unless it actually directly impacts you, in which case check no more than every 2-3 days.
  • Learn to meditate (if you sign up to our newsletter you’ll get a free meditation video!)
  • Spend some time relaxing with a book or get your thoughts and ideas out by journaling.

I hope this post gives you some fresh ideas and inspiration for your self-care! Please remember, you are not on your own if you feel overwhelmed by the thought of going back to ‘normality’. We are the creators of our own reality, and you owe it to yourself to prioritise your self-care and make transformative choices. Above all else, take it slowly. Make the choices you need to allow yourself to feel confident after lockdown.

Yoga is our favourite way to feel resilient, creative, calm, inspired and strong. We’re here for you if you want to make yoga a bigger part of your life. Our studio takes health and safety very seriously, and we are committed to keeping you safe. You can find out more information about our private yoga classes here

What are your favourite ways to feel confident and strong in your body and mind? Do they fall into the creativity, movement or quiet-time categories, or are they something different? We’d love to hear what your self-care practices are in the comments below.


The TYT Team

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