One of my favourite practices for calming and slowing my mind is meditation. A lot of people are put off by the idea of sitting still and having no distractions from your thoughts. I love having a toolkit of mantras and simple visualisations that I can use when I (and my clients) struggle in this way too.

This is one of my favourite visualisations to tap into my inner calm, and it’s worked wonders with my clients when they’re feeling stressed or frazzled.

I’m not a visual person, so I keep things simple!

Snowglobe Meditation

Take three calming, slow breaths and imagine these snowflakes are gently falling down towards the base of the snowglobe.

Imagine your mind is a slow globe that has been shaken up. The flurries of snow are your thoughts.

One at at time, they’re all slowly setting down on the ground.

Slowly, one by one, your thoughts are settling too. Notice whether your mind is feeling less cluttered.

Take a few more slow deep breaths and watch as more particles of snow slowly drift down to the floor.

Notice peace in the snowglobe scene as everything becomes still. Observe the peace in your mind as everything slows down, quietens down and maybe even pauses for a heartbeat.

Take a few breaths in this calm. There’s no rush, just allow it all to be.

When you feel ready, slowly bring your attention back to your breath, your body and the space around you.

Gently blink your eyes open as you come back to your day.

Practice as often as you’d like, for however long you need.

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