2018 Intention Setting

My favourite way to spend NYE is reflecting on the year just gone, and setting intentions for the year ahead.  Yes I’m a massive New Age hippy, and I’m ok with it!

I’m not really one for the stereotypical New Years Resolutions of setting goals and actions; I prefer to find words and phrases that will determine how I want to feel for the next 12 months.  A la Danielle La Porte, I call these words my core desired feelings.

I find it much easier to find words that I can align my actions with, rather than trying to decide my actions for the following year (and then beating myself up when I don’t do/achieve them).  This makes it much easier to make informed decisions when I do take actions, by asking myself questions like:

  • Will this action align with any of my core desired feelings, or
  • Will this action conflict with any of my core desired feelings?
  • Am I living true to my 2018 intentions?
  • What would be a better choice that will better align with my values?

2018 intention setting is easier than you think!  Simply use the headings I have below, and then fill in each section with the values that are important to you.

Core Desired Feelings

My core desired feelings for 2018 are:

  • Presence : I am going to break my slight social media addiction, and will prioritise being in the present moment over scrolling through Instagram.
  • Play : I will incorporate more play into my life, and stop taking things so seriously!
  • Free : In 2017 I started to feel a bit of a prisoner – of my commute, of my schedule etc.  It is absolutely all in my head (I am self-employed after all!) and this year I shall feel the true freedom I have created.

Word of the Year

With that in mind, my word of 2018 shall be freedom.  If I take on anything or do anything that stops me from feeling free as a bird, I will let it go.

My 2018 Intentions

  • Personal
    I want to spend more time with myself.  Not scrolling through social media (there it is again!) or answering emails in my downtime, or even playing music to drown out the silence.  I will spend more time reading, connecting to source and being in nature.  I shall re-prioritise my own self-care.
  • Home and Garden
    I have a huge list of projects I want to achieve in my home this year.  Probably the biggest will be my garden which needs a lot of TLC, as well as my home yoga studio.  I also want to decorate the spare bedroom in inky moody blues and brass, wallpaper the hall, paint all the internal doors … I have a feeling its going to be a busy year!
  • Money
    2018 will see me starting to save.  It’s a little embarrassing but I’ve never majorly saved any money as an adult.  Yeah I put money aside for tax, but otherwise I mostly save the bare minimum, leaving it up to my boyfriend to be the mature and responsible one *cringe*.   I will stop going into Pret a Manger every time I’m bored or cold or if the bus is more than 5 mins away.  After looking at my finances, I am genuinely shocked at how much I could save a month if I start keeping myself accountable!!
  • Adventure
    This will be the year we start to think about adventures rather than holidays.  We have (another) huge list dedicated to places we want to visit this year.  Some local, some further away, but I’m really excited to adventure again!
  • Tali’s Yoga // Work
    I want to continue to build a thriving business with my classes and clients, and have more creative projects and theme work on the side.  I have lots of ideas in mind, and I’m really excited to see what the year will bring.


Overall, I am really looking forward to more downtime – to balance the Yin to my Yang.  I plan on scheduling in relaxation with as much priority as my work!  That said, I also want to work smarter and create some really cool stuff for you all!

Your turn! What do you envision 2018 will look like for you?

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Happy New Year!

Tali xxx




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