Feel a little off balanced and out of alignment? Here are three of my favourite rituals to help you come back to yourself and feel more grounded.  I posted this on Instagram yesterday, but wanted to share these tips on here too.

Your Practices

Practice whatever helps you feel more aligned and at ease.

Maybe this is yoga, meditation, walking, exercise, journaling, exploring mindfulness, reading, listening to inspiring podcasts, resting, reciting mantra etc.  I have lots of online yoga classes on my YouTube channel if you want inspiration for your yoga practice!

Create (Don’t Consume)

Have a media blackout if you can, and avoid social media consumption. I’m doing this just now and it is so liberating.

Try and spend triple the amount of time creating rather than consuming. Creating could include writing, journaling, filming, voice notes (get all your thoughts out somehow!), getting arty, photography, gaming, having real conversations with the people that you love being around, singing, music, yoga flow or any other expressive movement, gardening etc.⠀

Have Space To Be Bored

If we don’t ever stop, we don’t give ourselves chance to discover what we want or need. Find stillness, get quiet, have a cuppa while staying off your phone, and sit with your thoughts if you can.

In this era of constant consumption and noise, it’s hard to hear our own unique thoughts and needs. But our brain is like a sponge, absorbing all we expose it to, so let’s minimise the exposure and instead look inwards so that we can think originally (ie not internally repeating what everyone else is saying) and inspire and ground ourselves. ⠀

If it feels overwhelming to stop Doing things completely, even for a couple of minutes, then maybe try and journal/voice record etc so you are still active but also able to pay attention to what’s going on internally.

Above all, be kind and compassionate to yourself.  Ask for help and support if you need it, and stay in touch with loved ones.⠀I’m here if you need guidance, and am offering private yoga and/or meditation classes in person and online.  Reach out if you need anything.

What are your favourite ways to re-centre and feel more grounded? ⠀


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