Become EMPOWERED This January

Are you fed up of not feeling your best? You know that you are destined for an amazing life, but you feel like it’s slipping away from you.  You’re settling for less than your worth – yet you have no idea how to feel authentically you.

Maybe you want to get healthier, but you lack the motivation to clean up your diet and get that gym membership.

Or maybe you’re overworked and overstretched, stressed to the max and unable to give yourself even five minutes to yourself.

You would give anything to have a month where you could really focus on yourself, create some positive habits and reset your life to pave the way for life-changing transformation.

I hear you.

Are you ready to end the overwhelm – and get empowered?

Drawing from my experiences as both a yoga teacher and health coach, I’ve created a new offering for January 2018.  I’ve listened to so many of my clients’ struggles – and after working with and helping so many people I’ve been able to come up with some central themes.

Stress.  Emotional overeating.  Disconnection from physicality (as a result of too much time spent overthinking).  Lack of fitness or negative body image.  Non-existent self-care routine.  Feeling stuck, but not sure how to move forwards.

Sound familiar?

I can help.

Meet EMPOWERED – a 4 week 1:1 Health Coaching and Private Yoga program, designed to help you feel your best again.

Spend just one month learning how to shift the focus back onto you, how to create those healthy habits, and how to radically transform your life – and how you feel about it.

Topics we may work on may include (but are not limited to):

  • Introduction to yoga (or deeper immersion for existing yogis)
  • Increased somatic awareness, aka shifting out of your mind and back into your body
  • Creating a solid meditation practice
  • Improving your body image and self-perception
  • Stress reduction, and finding that elusive work/life balance
  • How to fall in love with yourself again and regain that sparkle
  • Ending emotional overeating and struggles with food
  • Losing weight by freeing yourself from diet culture
  • Learn new recipes that won’t take all day
  • Becoming more present and intuitive with your life and decision making
  • Finding out what’s really holding you back – and breaking down those obstacles

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I’m offering the EMPOWERED program as a 4-part (£230) or 8-part (£450) intensive program throughout January.    We will meet 1x or 2x a week, depending on which option you choose.   Payment plans are available and I have a couple of spaces for those on low income (get in touch if you’re interested in these).

My times are currently fairly flexible, so if you are interested then sign up soon – I only have a limited number of spaces available and these will get booked up.  Any questions? Let me know in the comments or via email.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

Tali xxx

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