I always used to think meditation was a boring chore. Seriously. And by ‘used to’ I mean up until a few months ago (yes I said it!).  Now I genuinely look forward to sitting in stillness and tuning into my mind and body.

What changed?

I guess I did!


Monkey Mind (Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah)


I realised just how bad my ‘monkey mind’ had gotten, and that it was actually making me weaker, not stronger. Don’t get me wrong, I have a strong and consistent yoga practice, and of course yoga is a form of moving meditation, but just the thought of ‘just sitting there’ kinda scared me. Just like the thought of yoga did all those years ago.

Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah.  Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.

The (asana) yoga system was originally developed to prepare the body for meditation.  I wanted a quieter mind, so…


I fell in love with meditation


I wanted to channel my energy in a more positive way, rather than burning out from my overthinking and racing thoughts. And I definitely wanted to bring my practice back to a state of integrity.

So I sat still.

And I sat.

And sat.

And slowly, gradually, I began to turn this practice from a boring, rigid chore into a form of self care.

Now it comes from a place of love. I get excited at the prospect of meditating and quietening my mind. Honestly. I can be sitting on the bus waiting impatiently to get home so I can sit down and hush those thoughts.  I sometimes meditate three times a day! Meditation is now my hot milk, my comfort blanket.

I never thought this would happen – I always thought I was too active, too Vata –  but I am so glad that it has! I shifted my perspective from a state of fear and apprehension, to one of love.


My advice


My advice to everyone who can relate to my previous attitude?

Shift your thoughts.

Instead of freaking out at the prospect of being stuck with your thoughts (or worse, trying to shut those thoughts up! Impossible, right?) for ten whole minutes, try just sitting down and counting your breaths.

In – one – out – two – in – three – out – four and so on.

Just until you get to ten. And when you get to ten? Go back to one and start again. If you lose your focus and forget which number you’re on, just go back to one. And treat yourself kindly and with compassion.  It’s ok to be human.

I also love mantra and affirmation-based meditations. Focusing on on statement is super powerful and positive.

Or try envisioning your dream life, and surrender it to the power of the Universe to manifest it for you. By sending out positive images and messages, positivity will be reflected right back to you.

Alternatively, try doing a guided meditation for the same benefits.  Here are some great meditation resources that I’m loving right now:


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