What’s Your Purpose in Your Yoga Practice?

Creating Meaning Through Movement

What are you working towards in your yoga practice?

What are you working towards in your yoga practice?


When people get stuck in their yoga practice, it’s normally for 2 reasons:

  1. You have no purpose or direction
  2. Your practice is too rigid.

Feelings As Your Purpose In Yoga

I move my body, practice yoga and live based on how I want to feel.  My purpose is to meet my desired feeling.

I teach in that way too.  It’s all about what my private yoga clients want/need to feel.  It’s what allows me to be fully present and change course in an instant.

You can be flexible in your approach if you know how you want to feel.

Desired Feelings As Goals

You don’t have to ‘just’ work with a desired feeling if that doesn’t land for you.  It’s totally cool if your current purpose is to hold a certain yoga posture or achieve a particular outcome (eg improving the flexibility of your hamstrings).  I invite you to explore the ‘why’ behind that purpose.

How would you feel in that yoga pose? Empowered? Strong? Calm? Focused?

What would more flexible hammies do for you? Move easier? Feel less stiff? Be more confident?

How could you feel empowered, strong, calm, focused, mobile, flexible and confident right now?

It’s the feeling that keeps us coming back to our practice.

I created the Evolve Private Yoga Experience to teach you how to map out out a practice that is aligned with your desired feelings and goals.  Find out more below if you are ready to advance your asana and create a yoga practice that you won’t ever want to miss.

What’s your purpose in yoga? How does yoga make you feel? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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