I have the worst luck in competitions. Like, The Worst. I had gotten to the stage where I just entered online competitors out of habit, without holding out any hope of winning anything. Luckily, that all changed back in October, where I received an email from Ocelot Chocolate informing me I had won one of 5 prizes!

Ocelot Chocolate are an Edinburgh-based couple/small business who craft luxurious chocolate bars and truffles which are completely organic. Their aim is to “create sweet treats that are not just delicious, but also nourish and protect us – as food is meant to do.” And OH MY GOD do they do it well!

The chocolate bars I received were:

– Bee Pollen and Mango
– Raspberry and Hazelnut (note: this flavour has since been replaced with Raspberry and Vanilla)
– Hebridean Sea Salt
– Single Origin Congo
– Single Origin Peruvian

My most anticipated flavour, which also ended up being one of my favourites, was the Bee Pollen and Mango – it was made from Scottish bee pollen, organic mango and contained 70% cacao solids. I also loved the single origin Peruvian 75% bar. This was made from a white cacao variety, which was on the verge of extinction and is still very rare. However, it was so difficult to pick favourites because they were all so tasty and smooth, and each came with their own intense flavour notes.

Because I’m trying to get past the whole-bar-of-Dairy-Milk-a-night bingeing behaviour I once had, I try and eat chocolate (particularly good chocolate) as mindful as possible. This involves breaking off one square and allowing it to dissolve in your mouth. Frustrating sometimes, worthwhile every time ๐Ÿ˜‰

I really enjoyed all 5 bars that I so generously received, and I especially love the fact that they are all based on just 3 key base ingredients – organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter and organic raw cane sugar. They really did make me a convert to Good Chocolate and the belief that treats – even chocolate – can be beneficial for you! I look forward to buying more of their chocolate bars and trying out their amazing-looking truffles.

Tali xx


  • Ross says:

    Great to see chocolate production thriving in Edinburgh. We’re beginning to be spoilt for choice again after a few artisan producers closed their doors during the recession.

    The single origin bars sound interesting – where can we find them on the shelves in Edinburgh?

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