You know what’s it like when you have a bad start to the day. Maybe you hit snooze one too many times, or you burnt your breakfast, or even didn’t have chance to eat breakfast even though you’re starving! You feel frazzled for the rest of the day and are always feeling you’re playing catchup from the morning’s chaos. Maybe later everything else seems to go wrong too, and it has this domino effect.

I’m not here to tell you to get up at 4am every day, but I am going to tell you how important it is to have a good morning routine. Even 1 minute of this will help you feel more settled, more able to start your day on the right note – and more likely to have an awesome day.  Let me know how you get on with this simple tip!

How does it feel to start your day with intention? I personally find I live with more purpose and direction, and am better able to achieve my goals.  By checking in with this intention throughout the day I can check I’m still on the right track – and adjust my path if necessary.

Let me know in the comments below if you find this useful, or fire me an email if you want any support.  Have a beautiful day.

Tali xx

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