Hey lovely ones! I hope you are all doing amazing and have been soaking up all the sunshine over the last few days.  I get a lot of questions about my health coaching packages, and wanted to consolidate these queries into one post.  The truth is that I coach every client in a unique way because everyone is so different, and therefore health coaching itself looks different for every individual depending on their needs!  I will give a broad overview of what to expect from my offerings.

What IS a Health Coach?

I think I could write an entire blog post on this alone! To keep it simple – I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which takes a holistic and functional approach to nutrition, health and wellbeing.   This means that I have the skills and experience to look at the lifestyle/dietary/stress factors underlying your symptoms, and really get to the root of your issues, whether physical or mental.  There are so many preventable diseases and disorders in the world today, and I hope that the future of healthcare will focus on staying well, rather than ‘sickcare’.

Health coaches can have different specialisms.  I am really passionate about helping people who suffer from emotional overeating.  This is something very close to my own heart as I struggled with bingeing in the past (as so many people do!).  I help women – and men! – to reconnect with their physicality and to find more meaningful ways to nourish themselves, that perhaps do not involve food.  I am big on self-empowerment and encourage all my clients to follow their dreams and live to their full potential.   I mostly work with people to improve their relationship with themselves and with food in a way that isn’t centered around weight loss (although this is often a byproduct of our work together, my clients often focus on the far better outcomes like feeling happy and comfortable in their own skin or feeling more centered).   Of course, in today’s ‘junk food society’ we all strive to be healthier, and it is absolutely fine if this is your goal and you don’t have a negative relationship with food!

Is Health Coaching just another fad diet?

NO. No no no! In fact, I am about as anti-diet as they come 🙂 After years of restricting food and trying every diet under the sun – with no long lasting benefits, just more misery! –  I fortunately came across intuitive eating.  I binned every diet book in my house and have ever since been nourishing my body with the foods that I truly want.  When you restrict food you are either ‘on’ a diet and depriving yourself of everything you love, or ‘off’ a diet and overeating as much as you can (and then some!).  How many times have you promised to start again on Monday? Diets.  Don’t.  Work.  #nourishdontpunish 😉

Will I have to give up sugar/gluten/alcohol/animal products/all enjoyment in life?!

In short, no! Again, I encourage my clients to make peace with every food group, so you no longer eat anything in excess.  As I always say, eating a kilogram of carrots is just as bad as eating a kilogram of chocolate.  It’s the overeating that’s the problem, not what you eat.

Why do you recommend the six month program?

I do offer two alternatives – the fortnightly 6 month program, and the weekly 3 month program. Both consist of 12 sessions, but I always see better results when clients are able to spend 2 weeks trying out what we have discussed in our sessions rather than just 1 week.  It gives you a better opportunity to explore the ideas we talk about, and see what works the best.  6 months is also a great length of time to make long lasting transformation in your life.

I see you’re a Yoga Teacher too – do you include elements of this in with Health Coaching?

Absolutely I do! It is up to you, as the client, whether you want to interweave some of our health coaching sessions with private (1:1) yoga tuition.  In a health coaching context I primarily use yoga as a tool for reconnecting with your physicality, and are thus based on gentle flows and simple breathwork.  I also include meditation and mindfulness practices into some sessions.  You are the client and I am completely flexible (no yoga pun intended!) to create these sessions to be exactly how you want them.  So yoga or no yoga, meditation or not, learning to love yourself or wanting to get healthier….let’s work something out together 🙂

How can I find out more information?

You can read more about my health coaching here.  Alternatively, feel free to get in touch via email on my contact page if you have any questions.  I always encourage people to meet up for an initial chat where we can see if we are a good match, so do reach out if you want to grab a cuppa and discuss what’s going on for you 🙂

Tali xxx

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