I originally wrote this on Instagram but wanted to share it as a short blog post as well, as intuitive eating is  something that forever changed the way I view food. I am super passionate about eating what your body wants (not your mind’s drama-ridden cravings!) and I love sharing this way of eating with my clients.

Over the years, and particularly among women (although it seems to be catching up with guys too), society has turned food into this necessary evil, where some foods are ‘bad’ and others ‘good’. We are allowed to eat all we want of the good stuff – but have to eat the ‘bad’ food full of shame, and either excuse or joke it off if we have company, or berate and verbally internally punish ourselves if alone.

But really, there is no difference between eating 1kg carrots and 1kg chocolate. Overeating is overeating is overeating. And most of the time it’s down to our emotions, with what’s going on in our mind and ego. Most of us are not taught how to look after ourselves if we’ve had a crappy day, so lots of us will reach for the Ben & Jerry’s if we’re feeling low. I am here to challenge that. Not because ice cream is bad, but because it’s there to be enjoyed, not to use it to stuff back our feelings with every mouthful.

I work with my clients to find better ways of self care. To stop making certain food groups taboo and instead eat what you want, when you want, how you want.  Food is there to nourish us, but it’s also more than that.  We celebrate events with food. We socialise with food. And, unlike smoking etc, you can’t exactly quit food ?

I teach (and practice!) that green veg and exercise is all very well and good, but if we don’t tackle the emotional reasons why we overeat we will keep overeating.  Liberate yourself, eat what you want but do it because it nourishes you and tastes good, not as a coping mechanism or form of self punishment. You are amazing and you deserve better than that.  <3

Tali xx


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