Life-Changing Yoga –
Meaning Through Movement

I process my feelings on my mat  

I convey my purpose through my movement

I create poetry through motion

I can take a concept and translate that into the physical.

What if we could action our goals by literally moving through them and bringing them to life on our yoga mat?

Life-Changing Yoga

As I write this, we’re still in lockdown here in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I see so many of us looking deeper in our need for support.   I, and many of the clients I work, with are using this time to reflect, think, journal and read.  More than anything, I’m super grateful for my yoga practices for keeping me grounded and able to navigate these times.

Yoga is life-changing, which is why I integrate it into all the work I do.  I don’t practice – or teach – in a one-size-fits-all mentality, as the changing seasons and situations in our lives call for differences in the way we support ourselves.  This means that there is a form of yoga practice for everybody – yoga can help everyone, so keep exploring if you haven’t yet felt aligned with one style.  Many of my clients like to move dynamically and creatively, while others are looking to slow down and find space from their busy lives.

During these crazy lockdown times I am definitely leaning into my intuition – even more than usual! I move in a way that feels good in that moment.  This means my practice looks different every time I get on my mat.  That’s how we can find this sense of meaning through movement. Our choice of poses can shine a light on what’s going on in our inner world and our mind.  We can even also use our yoga practice to change what’s going on internally for us.

Meaning Through Movement

I know so many people feel dissatisfied and trapped in life.  Maybe you don’t know how, or you lack the confidence, to make that positive step change towards a fulfilling life.  I use yoga techniques, along with modern coaching tools, to move through that resistance.  The magic shift in my life was transitioning from ‘I can’t do this’ to ‘I am doing this’.  This personal experience and passion drives every moment of my day – personally and with everyone I work with.

This is why I call my work The Yoga Transformative.  Yoga can change everything.

Meaning Through Movement is a key concept of mine.  It is pivotal in my own life and in my work with others.  We are all capable of creating the lives that will give us the desired feelings and experiences that we are worthy of.  However, we often lack the tools to action this.  Talking about what we want to do becomes irrelevant if we’re not simultaneously taking action and doing the thing!

With my MTM method, we get crystal clear and intentional on how we want our life to look and feel.  We can then embody this on our mat in our movement, breath and meditation work.  This is a practice of creative alchemy.  We create the confidence and the knowledge to fully express ourselves in one space.  This will then transform and light up every other area in our lives.

This is not ‘just’ yoga, or ‘just’ coaching – it is a full embodied practice of changing everything that needs to shift.

Meaning Through Movement – In Action

I recently created this short video with the aim of sharing how I practice most of the time.  It’s a visualisation of what connecting with intuition and creation feels like for me.  At the time, I was focused on showing up fully by putting my heart and soul into everything I did.  That is what I brought into my practice that day.

Full disclosure! I actually don’t use my mat most of the time on my own.  If you ever feel like you’re stuck in an uncomfortable comfort zone in your life, I suggest you lose this rectangle of ‘safety’.  It can feel so liberating to practice that way.

Finding Meaning Through Movement encourages us to get intentional with our actions.  Again, this can translate off our yoga mat and spill into every area of our life if we are fully present and committed to this work.  It can be challenging to navigate this alone.  Having someone on your corner can make all the difference.

I am here to encourage and support you to keep the momentum – and readjust the path to make sure you’re in the right direction at all times.  Ready to learn more or got questions? You can find out more about this work and schedule a free consultation here.

Stay safe, and stay the course.  Get in touch if you would value support right now and are ready for change.


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