Not enough time in your day to do yoga? You sound busy and stressed out. All the more reason to do yoga, I hear. It’s ok. I’m here to help, with some short but sweet yoga videos.

Here are three yoga videos for you to do at home. They are each 10-15 minutes long, so now you have no excuse 😉

All of these yoga videos are suitable for all levels, especially beginners. These yoga sequences can be done at any time of the day, but they will transform your whole day if you have time in the morning!

I recommend you try and do a bit of movement every day, so aim to do one of these videos every day for the next 2 weeks. Let me know how you get on! I have many more videos where they came from on my YouTube channel, so check them out if you want even more variation.

Yoga Videos

Short but Sweet Yoga Flow 1

Short but Sweet Yoga Flow 2

Short but Sweet Yoga Flow 3

These videos are an example of just a tiny element of what I teach beginners in my private yoga classes. I love teaching private yoga classes, and have been one of the leading teachers for private yoga in Edinburgh for a few years now. I love how powerful this work is, and I make sure to provide a relaxed, informal and supportive environment for every body. I make sure that every session is tailored specifically for your needs. I am here for you, whether you are looking to start your yoga journey or advance your existing practice.

I am excited to say I have two spaces opening up new private yoga clients from May onwards. Does one of them have your name on it? Drop me an email and we can talk.

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