Balancing on our hands is such an empowering feeling

Learn how in this Side Crow Tutorial (Parsva Bakasana)

Yoga Deconstructed – Side Crow Tutorial

If you’re comfortable with crow pose, you may also be aware of other poses in the bakasana family.  Side crow is a twisted variation of the crow arm balance, and it requires thoracic spine rotation and hip flexibility – as well as balancing on your hands.  There’s quite a lot going on!

In this yoga video I deconstruct the different pieces of side crow and show you how to put them all together so that you can confidently hold this twisted arm balance.

Remember, yoga is a practice and advanced poses like these may take more than one try to master.  Come back to this video as often as you need – you’ll notice a real progression!

Want Some Personalised Support?

We teach yoga in a personalised way at The Yoga Transformative.  Private yoga classes are our speciality, and for good reason! 1-1 yoga classes are a fantastic way learn specific techniques that can support your lifestyle – and your yoga practice.  If you want to learn more about arm balances – and up-level your balancing game then I would highly recommend booking a class (in our Edinburgh studio or online) in with our teachers Jo, Tali or Aoife.

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