Healthy Wrists – Wrist Mobility Class

We spend so much time on our hands in yoga. Let’s keep them happy and healthy!

You need these wrist mobility exercises if you spend any time on your phone, laptop or computer (that’s everyone then).

Wrist Mobility Exercise Video

This wrist exercise video will help keep your hands happy and healthy.  Unless you have pain, most of us don’t often think about the health of our wrists.  We also don’t spend much time on our hands in our day to day lives.

Of course, this all changes when we start yoga.  Painful wrists in down dog or plank are no joke! I help a lot of beginners strengthen and mobilise their wrists, and teach them how to use their wrists properly when bearing any weight into their hands.

I made this wrist mobility video as a compilation of every single one of my favourite wrist exercises.  I actually do this sequence every morning before I get on my yoga mat, and it has made such a huge difference in my handstand game.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, these exercises will hopefully really help you too. Do them every day if you can, or pick and choose your favourites for a daily mini wrist warm-up.

Creating A Sustainable Yoga Practice For The Whole Of You

Leave a comment if you found this video helpful! I work with so many incredible people to help them create a sustainable yoga practice.  If you’re interested in private yoga classes, you can find out more below.

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