Connection Through Crisis: Online Yoga and Support

I hope you are managing to navigate these times and taking care of yourself currently.   Things are sliiighhtly more different than normal just now, but I am certain we are moving towards a new and more positive way of living once this period has ended.  I’m witnessing our incredible ability to adapt, even in the most uncertain times, and we are more connected than ever before, even if we are living on our own.  Is it just me or is social media finally a more positive and inspiring place to be?  Over here at Casa TYT, I am spending my time online in the most helpful way I can for you guys and the community as a whole.  This includes regular livestream yoga classes and online 1:1 opportunities. 

Zoom Zoom (Online 1:1 Yoga and Coaching)

I am continuing to teach many of my private yoga and coaching clients online through Zoom, which is actually going amazing! To be honest, initially I worried that there would be a higher level of energetic disconnect in these classes.  I was concerned that the awesome ‘yoga bubble’ experienced in person in my studio would cease to exist if we took classes online.  However, it’s been a beautiful experience thus far for everyone involved, and all of my clients are finding our work together as valuable and meaningful as before.

I have a few spaces open for online private yoga and coaching clients, so get in touch if you feel drawn to more personalised support in your life.  Even if we are not able to meet in person just now, we’ll still be able to work towards achieving your goals, whether in life or on the mat (shout out to my clients who aced their first arm balances and accessed deep backbends last week too!).  

Monday-Friday – LiveStream Yoga Classes

Join me on Instagram and YouTube every weekday morning at 9:30-10:30am for a Live Stream.  I endeavour to keep a balance of coaching and support, a yoga practice (movement-based), meditation and breath work.

The general format of these hour-long Livestreams are:

  • 15 minutes of discussion and support
  • 10-15 minutes of meditation 
  • 25 minutes of yoga practice (normally starts around 10am)
  • 5 minutes breath work (pranayama) and meditation/relaxation

Please note: these times are not 100% precise, but this is the structure I roughly aim for

In our yoga practice, we start with a gentle and slow flow on Mondays, which is suitable for all levels, including complete beginners.  This gives us an opportunity to get really grounded and calm at the start of every new week.  As the week unfolds, we shift toward a more dynamic style of flow, culminating with a powerful and energising class on Fridays.  

Do not worry if you aren’t able to participate in the yoga element of each class – you are welcome to join in at least for the first 30 minutes.  Plus, even if you are unable to move (eg health reasons or because you are technically meant to be working!) you can stick around and follow the breath count to keep feeling connected with everyone.

LiveStream FAQs 

Will I be visible to everyone on screen?

Absolutely not! You can stay in your PJs with zero fear.   The only person who is visible is me (Tali).  That said, comments are visible, and there are notifications giving the names of anyone joining.  If you would prefer me to turn off all comments and notifications let me know in advance.

Why are you offering Free yoga classes in this way?

We all need to feel grounded right now during this unsettled time.  We can support ourselves and our loved ones best when we feel mentally calm and resilient.  I fully believe that yoga is an incredible and potent tool to help us feel centred, calm and strong.   

Why free? Because I want yoga to be accessible for every body.  My day is made if I can reduce stress for just one person by helping them find a safe space where they can feel supported.  Even better they can learn tools from these Live Streams so they can continue to support themselves.  I should say as well, I know a lot of us have been hit financially by this unexpected crisis, but I don’t want self care to be sacrificed as a result.

What do I need?

Literally just yourself.  Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes that you can relax and breathe in – and move in, if you’re joining in for the yoga practice! Even if you don’t have a mat you are absolutely fine to join.  If you have carpet on your floors you’ll be fine, although you may want a cushion if you have hard flooring.  

Blocks can sometimes be a bonus if you have them – otherwise, you may want a couple of big books if you experience tightness through the back of your legs. If not, don’t worry – you’ll be able to manage fine without them!

Can I attend if I have a particular health concern or injury?

Always seek guidance from a healthcare professional about your specific needs.  As this is a Livestream and I cannot see any participants, I am not responsible for any injury or issue anyone may experience by participating.   I am offering generalised advice and support only, and advise anyone to skip any movement-based elements of this practice if they do not feel physically able enough to join in.

How do I join in?

Subscribe to my channel on YouTube and turn on notifications so you get an alert when I’m going Live at 9:30am Monday-Friday.  I’m also simultaneously Live on Instagram (isn’t technology amazing!), so follow me there (@theyogatransformative) and make sure you’re online at 9:30am Mon-Fri.

Need Support?

I’m here for you.  Get in touch and we will work something out.

In the meantime, keep the faith and take care of you,


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