Comfort Zone conversations come up a lot in sessions with most of my health coaching clients. We are all familiar with the concept. And we’re probably all familiar with feeling comfortably uncomfortable. Stuck in a mindset/habit because it’s familiar and safe, even if we don’t feel great because of it. Leaving our comfort zone feels freaking terrifying sometimes!

Although without any level of comfort in our life we would be stressed and never feel rested, comfort zones aren’t always that healthy. Overeating, stale relationships, unsatisfying jobs are all examples of us ‘playing it safe’ and sticking to what we know. Maybe these mindsets and habits have become so familiar that they go unnoticed to us.

Without care, our comfort zones are always shrinking to keep us safe. Life is about challenging our comfort zones, and exploring the Risk Zone – trying new things, meeting new people and just seeing life as an ADVENTURE are all actually really good for our health.

Challenging Your Comfort Zone

We are healthiest when we embrace some risk and change. But how do we do this? By taking baby steps. Leaving our comfort zone is the most terrifying thing at first, but over time we will find new habits and mindsets which are just as comfortable, but much healthier and more positive. While taking that first step may seem terrifying, I promise you that what is coming is SO much better. Maybe that first step looks like not eating past the point of fullness, or trying something that challenges you mentally and physically. Consider what action steps you could take to integrate more adventure in your life.

I love working with clients who are ready to step out of their comfort zones.  I have a couple of health coaching spaces opening soon so if this post resonates with you then drop me an email to find out more.

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