I wanted to share some things I am loving recently.  These can be products, people and brands, or anything I am really enjoying learning at the moment.  It may be an eclectic mix, but they’re all things I am really passionate about and want to share with the world!

Team Lowe-Allen

On Monday, my other half and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary together! We’ve both been on such spiritual and personal journeys in that time.  In that time we’ve grown so much, particularly the last 5 years or so.

It’s been really really cool to be on this crazy life journey with such a likeminded, soul-searching guy, and it really does feel like we’re a team (and he hates me hyphenating our surnames muahaha).

Here’s to many more decades of togetherness.


Being A Student

As I said in the first post of this series, being a yogi / coach / soul-seeker involves continuous learning.  Studying I something I love so much! I am honestly always seeking further knowledge and understanding, either through books or courses.  As I love what I do – and I always want to be a better teacher / coach / facilitator – I’m constantly hungry for more education! Plus I love learning on a personal level too.

I am currently enrolled in a fantastic coaching course called Aligned, with Nikki Ayres.  It has been really pivotal on a personal level – and we’re only half way through!  I’ve been a fan-from-afar of her work and messages for a long time.  My mindset has been well and truly challenged and I’ve overcome a LOT that has been holding me back.

New Jewels

On a completely different note, I am loving Tada and Toy jewellery just now! I was lucky enough to get some on our anniversary, and am especially crushing on my rose gold star ear cuff.  My love for stars in general knows no bounds, but this is something so special!

If you like stars and hearts and good quality jewels, check ’em out.

Finding the Masculine / Feminine Balance

Maybe I’ll write about this in more depth at some point in the future because I’m still learning.  Basically though, I’m working on embracing my feminine side a bit more.  There’s a balance of masculinity and femininity energy in all of us, men and women.  Masculine, or Yang, energy is very analytical, practical, visionary and quite structured.  Feminine energy, or Yin, is softer, more in flow, and follows intuition and empathy.  When in balance, its not a problem, but when imbalance occurs we basically ignore and deny a whole part of us that is equally important.

I’ve noticed that I hold a lot of masculinity in my energy and my mindset – go-go-go mentality, ambitious, wanting to feel in control rather than in flow etc.  So I’m working on rectifying that by embracing my femininity a whole lot more.  I’m loving Maddy Moon, who is a health coach like me, but specialises in this work (check out her website, podcast and social media platforms) as an expert and source of inspiration in all of this.  I’m also reading The Book of She by Sara Avant Stova which is really interesting too.  This section may sound a bit bizarre for those of you who don’t know much about spirituality (I’m not going through any gender identification crisis), but I’ll keep you posted!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about things I am loving currently! What is inspiring you just now?  Let me know in the comments below!

Tali x

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