Evolve – a 3 month program to deepen your yoga practice

A private yoga experience designed for yoga practitioners who are ready to advance their yoga practice – and who are desperate to create an intuitive, free-flow home practice.


The Call For One Small Change

If you’ve checked out my other recent blog posts then you’ll know that consistency and habits have been a hot topic lately. See, it’s an awesome feeling when you decide on a new habit or routine but it’s a whole other story when it comes to actually sticking to them, right?

And now we have the pandemic/latest lockdown, where it can get even harder to have a positive routine or take enough rest and look after ourselves. Sometimes we just deserve a pat on the back just for knowing what day it is…

Ironically, of course now is the time that we need self-care more than ever. So many people are struggling with exhaustion and apathy just now, aware that they need to change something but feeling short on the willpower front.

You may feel like you need to change absolutely everything at once; that it’s all or nothing. In reality, you just need one small step forward in the right direction to build the confidence you need to continue making these positive life changes.

Yoga is such an incredible way to feel calm, energised, confident, and able to focus and relax again. I’m pretty sure I’m preaching to the choir here – you probably already know all of this. That said, something might need to change if your home yoga practice is feeling a little higher on the stress / boredom / frustration scales than you would like to admit.

You don’t need to change everything – you just need a different approach so that you can feel creative, intuitive and inspired in your yoga practice again.

My new private yoga program, Evolve, was designed to do just that.

Evolve – Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Evolve is a 3-month private yoga experience for yogis with at least 6 months of yoga experience.

I designed Evolve to help you become your greatest teacher. Not only will you advance your yoga practice, you’ll also learn how to create an intuitive, free-flow home practice that you won’t ever want to skip.

During the 3 months, you will receive all of my guidance, including:

Weekly private yoga classes designed to:

  • Advance your asana practice
  • Teach you to move creatively on your own terms
  • Challenge you to intuitively (and unconventionally) transition between poses

Recordings of every class so you can revisit what we’ve been working on

Unlimited email and text support

Midway call to reflect and adjust your trajectory as needed

Homework to make sure you stay motivated, learning and progressing

Exclusive videos and resources created for you and your own practice

Ready To Transform Your Yoga Practice?

I won’t be offering this in person until the current lockdown restrictions have been eased (obviously), but don’t worry if you are burned out by Zoom group classes; online private classes are very different and all my focus is on you.

Full disclosure – I wasn’t planning on launching this until the studio had reopened, but I really want to help you to feel confident, inspired and motivated ASAP!

Simply changing one thing can create that incredible snowball effect on the rest of your life. I know first-hand how transformative it is to have a creative home yoga practice that you are excited for – Every. Single. Day.

Find out more below if you want to know more.  There are only a few spaces available, so book online or schedule a call soon if you know you’re ready to Evolve.

This is the work that lights me up the most, and I’m so excited to be offering it in this 3 month structure. Is one of these spaces yours?


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