August Goals

Here are my August goals.  Better late than never!

July was definitely the most challenging month of my life so far – I spent most of it severely ill and ultimately requiring surgery.  It therefore goes without saying that my goal of 10k steps a day went out the window very quickly!  I counted it as a good day if I managed to get from my bed to my sofa.

Despite not managing to move much, I am so grateful that I was still able to maintain my meditation and pranayama practices.  July saw me leaning on these quieter, more introspective rituals to keep me calm.  These practices helped me to keep any anxiety at bay and that wonderful sense of detached awareness towards discomfort that a deep connection to mindfulness creates.


Back To It – Monthly Goals For August

Even though holiday plans are off just now, I’ve still taken this week away from teaching and coaching on Zoom so that I can really recover and relax.  I had my first module for my advanced teacher training scheduled to start this week, but I made the decision to defer any Live immersions while I recover.  I am beyond gutted, but I’m planning to start diving into the self-study modules instead, which I can make my way through at my own pace.

I’m super excited to get back to working next week and get more of a sense of routine back into my life.

1. Outdoor Yoga Classes

As much as I love Zoom, well, just as much as everyone else does at this stage, I’m going to start teaching outdoor classes.  I’ll be offering these to all my existing private yoga clients and new students alike.  Get in touch if you’ve been wanting to start 1:1 yoga classes but the idea of online work has put you off.  I’ll be holding these in the Meadows and possibly Inverleith, and potentially in Rutland Square Gardens – right next to my yoga studio!

Obviously it is Edinburgh, Scotland, so these outdoor private yoga classes will be subject to good weather.  I’ll be giving everyone at least 1-2 hours advance confirmation just in case it starts raining and we have to defer to Zoom.

2. Get Strong(er)

Now I’m more into my recovery, I’ll be seriously working on my strength again.  I always find my upper body strength disappears really quickly when I can’t get on my mat, so I’m looking forward to rebuilding!

As well as getting back to my yoga practice, I’m planning on joining in with my boyfriend’s callisthenics workouts again. I love how strong and empowered it makes me feel.  Because callisthenics is all body-weight based, I find there’s a definite crossover with some advanced yoga poses.  Our house is getting filled with different dip bars, rings and paralletes, so as much as I’m missing the gym and resistance training I think I will survive.  Brb – planche time.

3. Garden Redesign

A home project always seems to make its way onto these posts! We’re (read: Mike is) busy clearing out our garden at the moment.  You can probably tell by the pictures in this post! We’ve got a landscape designer lined up so that we can create the outdoor space we’ve always dreamed of.  Indian sandstone, black fencing, Zen features and more open space – it’s going to be dreamy.

It’s always so fulfilling to have creative projects on the go – whether it’s arts and crafts, DIY or ripping out hedges.  Getting to explore your own creativity (and what that means or looks like to you!) can dramatically increase your sense of happiness and life satisfaction.

Hobbies give us all space to do something that isn’t necessarily productive but that does bring us joy.  We can then get more focused in the parts of our life that we need to be productive for.  Hobbies also help us solve problems more creatively.  I think we can all make some space for that!

4. Creating lots of Content

Blog, YouTube and IG – I have missed you guys! I’m looking forward to sharing everything I have planned for these platforms.  I really love writing and filming content for you all.  It feels great to be making more time and space to create again.

I’m also prepping a whole new offering, designed to support and challenge you.  2020 has been a tough year, but we get to choose how we move forward now. Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be the first to hear and grab a spot.

I’ll be uploading some more yoga classes on my YouTube channel as soon as I’m fully recovered.  I’m excited to also be sharing inspiration and reflections right here and on IG.  Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on YouTube or Instagram.  That way you won’t miss out on all the new content coming soon!

Let me know what your August goals are! I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in person soon.  Drop me an email if you have any feedback, thoughts or would like to find out more about what I do.

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