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Yoga Inversions – Improve Your Headstands

Yoga Deconstructed – Learning Headstand Progressions

Inversions – love ’em or covet ’em, am I right!

This video is designed for those who are developing their headstand practice and ideally working with a yoga teacher. I always recommend getting private yoga classes if you’re working on particular postures like inversions, and I know my online and Edinburgh-based students always get so much more focus in a 1:1 yoga environment.

If you are newer to learning headstands in yoga, I would recommend you use a wall for these progressions. Walls get a bad rep when it comes to inversions which is a shame.  They’re a great safety net while you’re learning to go upside down.  Once you feel more confident, move away from the wall a few inches at a time!  That way your wall is there just in case you need it, without you being dependant on it.

Learning headstands wasn’t a quick process for me, but I love them.  A classic yoga pose, headstands can help you feel simultaneously grounded and energised. There’s always room to deepen and advance any yoga posture, and inversions are a great example of that (note to self: stop the rib flare!).

Personalised Yoga Classes

With my studio reopening on the 31st August, I’m now able to create space for some new private yoga clients.  I offer private yoga classes in person here in Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.  If you’re looking for a personalised yoga program to help you with your yoga practice, you can find out more below.

Let me know if you enjoyed this inversion progression video! As always, drop a comment below or subscribe to my Youtube channel and let me know what you’d like to improve in your yoga practice.  In the meantime, happy headstanding!


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