“We don’t realise that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

Creating an inner peace in November

November Goals and Themes I’m working with

Is it just me or is everyone counting down the days until 1st January 2021? Or March, or Easter, 2022 .. whatever.  I admit I keep finding myself in this camp too, and it is so unlike me.  Who ever wants to wish their lives away really? I’ve spent years practicing mindfulness and being present, and this year has definitely been an invitation to double triple down on these practices!

My intention for October was to create a sense of cosiness in my environment, and I’ve certainly achieved this both at the studio and at home! The images in this blog post were all taken at the studio.  With cosy and comfortable spaces around me, I’m going to make the most of the last 2 months of this year.  Here are a few of the ways I’m going to action this.

1. Actioning New Ideas

This year has messed with my ability to implement, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before.  Usually I’m able to run flat out with an idea the moment I come up with it, but 2020 has got me running around in circles instead.  My focus is back again now, and I’ve been using it to do SO MUCH decorating.

I’m bringing back that energy to my work now.  The next couple of months will be all about planning and creating some really amazing (and much needed) offerings woohoo! Really excited to immerse myself in this, and tbh I never want to see a paintbrush again.

2. Do More Of What I Love

Speaking of planning things I love, I may as well make a month out of it! I am scheduling in a month of long yoga practices, teaching, coaching, filming, spending afternoons reading, journaling, quality time with my boyfriend (we celebrated our 12 year anniversary last week!) and walking.

This sounds like a vague goal, but I think it’s SO important.  Even though a lot of us are unable to do the things we desperately want to at the moment (like go on a very long holiday far far away), there’s still so much that we can do.  We can plan out our goals or even modify our dreams to make them possible.  I may not be up for substituting a tropical island vacay with a bulk sand delivery on my new Scandi-white floors, but I’m definitely down for creating a retreat vibe in my own home.

I am grateful for my ability to move my body, to create and do work that fills me up and for all the people I have in my life.  And isn’t that all that matters?

3. Get My Strength Back

I’ve noticed my physical strength deteriorate since being on bed rest for over a month in the summer.   Now I am working my way through some strength programs – which coincidentally are scheduled to end on 31st December! How’s that for timing!  It feels so good to move and challenge myself again.  And I’ll admit – I love the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) as a reminder that I’m creating new strength.

Last night we got a massive free-standing pull-up bar delivered and set up.  That means we now have a whole callisthenics training gym at home! I love combining yoga and callisthenics – body weight training is definitely my favourite.

What are your November goals? I know it’s going to be a strange month and Christmas season.  Sending out love to anyone who needs it, and remember to fit in more of what you love. Especially if it’s naps.


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