For one moment, try to not get to a place.
To not busy your mind and self with things to achieve or decorate your walls.
For one moment, try to arrive with nothing in your pockets.
No shoes on your feet, with only your body and breath to rely.

– Sarah Blondin

Come back to yourself in this online yoga class

Beginner-Friendly Online Yoga Class

Do you ever feel like you just need some time and space to come back to yourself? This online yoga class will give you a chance to do just that.

Starting off with some easy breaths, we will move through a feel-good standing flow which is suitable for all levels.  The intention is to move in a really liberating way that will leave you connected to your breath and the infinite freedom that resides inside you.

In this class I encourage you to practice with knees bent in every fold (uttanasana, downward facing dog etc).  Less straining, more santosa (contentment).

Private Yoga Classes

I’m working with individuals for private yoga classes just now.  This video was actually recorded for one of my amazing clients! If you want to benefit from more personalised guidance in your yoga practice and receive resources created just for you, you can find out more below.

How did you like this class? How did you feel after moving through this? I would love to hear – let me know in the comments below, or on my YouTube channel.  Happy practicing, and stay well.


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