I’ve got something a little different for you guys to practice with today.  I joined up with my studio partner-in-crime, Rachel from Pointe Ahead Pilates, to create a dynamic online vinyasa flow class straight from The Yoga Transformative studio.

The difference with this video compared to my usual online vinyasa flow classes on my YouTube channel is that I’m teaching Rachel the whole way through!

It’s great to have a guinea pig.  I think you will all be impressed that this was her third ever yoga class!

If you are craving movement and flow, and you feel like you want to get creative and maybe have a giggle at the end of class* – then this is for you!

*I defy you to move into astavakrasana without cracking at least a smile at this point.

Enjoy the video, let me know how you get on – and send over any requests for future videos to me!

Happy practicing.



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