Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.

– Napoleon Hill

Find Your Focus in this Vinyasa Flow Class

Balancing Yoga Flow Video

Get ready to flow! This 30 minute yoga class is designed to get you focused and energised.  Vinyasa Flow is my favourite yoga style to practice and teach because I love the connection of created movement with breath.  Lots of balancing postures will help us create stability and a sense of grounding, while the dynamic pace of the flow will leave you feeling more energised.

We’ll be exploring a lot of standing balance poses in this online vinyasa flow class. If you are looking to improve your balance from a foundational level, check out my previous Yoga Deconstructed Balance Fundamentals video too.

I called this online yoga class ‘Find Your Focus’ because we can’t balance if our thoughts are scattered.   Focus your mind on the present moment and enjoy this flow! If you feel wobbly when balancing, simply try coming back to your breath. Always remember to focus on the possibilities for success, and don’t attach to the potential of falling out of the pose.

Yoga Classes Your Way

I’m so happy to be back teaching at my very own studio.  I love getting to work with yoga practitioners of all abilities and all walks of life.  I offer private yoga classes in person here in Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.  If you’re looking for a personalised yoga program to help you with your yoga practice, you can find out more below.

How did you like this class? Did balancing come easy to you or was it a challenge? I would love to hear – let me know in the comments below, or on my YouTube channel.  Feel free to return to it as many times as you would like. Remember that what happened today may not be the same as tomorrow or the day after.  That’s why we call it a yoga practice!


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