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Fundamentals – Learn to Balance in Yoga

Yoga Deconstructed – Find Your Balance

Balance can be so elusive, especially when we’re just starting our yoga practice. Yoga balances don’t come easy to most of us, simply because we rarely stand on one leg in our day-to-day lives! If you want to hide whenever your yoga teacher calls out tree pose, this video is for you.

In this yoga video, we’ll break down the key mental and physical aspects which can be applied to any standing balance pose.  We’ll then try them out in 3 different yoga postures – and link them together in a short flow.  Pay attention to the cues I give in the video, and let me know which ones help you the most.  As with anything in life, take what you need and leave the rest.  You can come back to this video as often as you need, and remember that practice is the key to progress.

Most importantly, do not worry if you fall out out of a yoga pose.  It’s not about what happens that makes you wobble – what counts is how you get back into the pose again.

Personalised Yoga Classes

With my studio reopening on the 31st August, I’m now able to create space for some new private yoga clients.  I offer private yoga classes in person here in Edinburgh, or online via Zoom.  If you’re looking for a personalised yoga program to help you with your yoga practice, you can find out more below.

I filmed this class differently, and used a twin camera! Let me know if you like having the double angle videos.  Do you prefer being able to see from multiple angles in classes, and does this help you better understand what’s going on with each pose? I would love to hear – let me know in the comments below.


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